The Story of Our Tagline

by: mis
Posted On: April 4, 2016

In our last blog post, we discussed the impact social media has had on our business. It is important to understand that before we decided to pursue social media, we had to look at our overall branding and messaging.

Like many other companies similar to Aero Gear, we had never invested the time or money on actual branding. We had a logo, a website, and would develop marketing pieces as necessary. For so long we relied on our reputation to build our client base. Little by little we began to realize that our customers were comparing us to our competitors – not just in capabilities and pricing – but in branding, messaging, digital presence, etc. We knew we needed to take Aero Gear to the next level if we were going to expand in to the global marketplace.

First step – we needed to develop a tagline. What message did we want to convey to our customers? What message did we want to convey to our employees? It took weeks of brainstorming and discussion before we agreed on “Insist on Excellence”.

We Insist on Excellence in every aspect of our company. From our products, to our highly trained employees, and our supplier base. We hold each individual at Aero Gear to a higher standard. As we discussed in this blog post from 2013, our people, products and performance allow us to live our tagline on a daily basis.

When customers come to Aero Gear they can count on us, they can trust us to do whatever it takes to get the job done on time. It’s about excellence in what we do, if you insist on excellence then Aero Gear is the place to come. .

We realize the tagline cannot be a gimmick, that it reflects the culture of the company, we walk the talk. This is not only reflected in our performance to our customers, it has to be part of our brand and marketing message. All of our printed material, our website and corporate videos must be of the highest quality and professionally done. All must be continually maintained to reflect our tagline message so that our existing and potential new customers understand that Aero Gear truly does Insist on Excellence.

Insist on Excellence, we continue to embrace it and instill it in our new and existing employees so that our customers know they can depend on it!