Training in Excellence

At Aero Gear lean Manufacturing is our processing method which requires continual cross-training and updating the skills of our people who staff our equipment. Through skill matrices of the operators, tied directly to our capacity planning system, we can identify the capabilities in each cell and help with our internal cross-training efforts. It is not only important to measure equipment capacity but also manpower capability which effects the machine utilization.

There are multiple ways we provide training internally. We invest in our employee training through blending our highly skilled people with those who are less experienced. We also provide learning opportunities through seminars or tuition reimbursement programs. Through the sharing of knowledge and experience, along with the dedication of our people to learning and improvement, ensures that Aero Gear will exceed the expectations of our customers. Without these well trained capable people, our latest equipment, and cutting-edge technology would be underutilized, and we would fall short of our customer’s expectations.

Aero Gear prefers to promote from within, thus we have had several technicians starting at an entry-level position who have come from our affiliation with local technical high schools and community college manufacturing education programs. They continue to progress and complete the cross-training matrices as technicians at Aero Gear (see figure 1)  and have been promoted to key positions in critical areas of Quality Assurance and Manufacture Engineering. This training process ensures our commitment to excellence at all levels of the company.

Figure 1

Not only does cross-training and the transfer of knowledge improve the workforce of Aero Gear, and therefore our production, it also creates better career paths for our employees. Employee development is important, and we make sure to insist on excellence internally for that very purpose.

Our people’s capabilities are the result of years of investment in education to maximize utilization of the latest technologies. Continued investment in the development of new and experienced people drives the excellence Aero Gear insists on. Their dedication to being well-trained technicians keeps Aero Gear on the leading edge of our industry.