Engineering Services

A Global Leader in Aerospace

Excellence in every stage of the manufacturing journey

We believe vertical integration is key to consistent lead times and quality control, which is why we perform our engineering and manufacturing in- house. From specialized processes like low-pressure vacuum carburizing, superfinishing, and even super cleaning, we are uniquely positioned to develop a product from concept to full rate production in a world that demands rapid responses.

Excellence. Expertise. Experience


Aero Gear employs engineers with proven experience and expertise, and we have training to make them even better.

The successful design and production of precision components demands a combination of state-of-the- art equipment and talented engineering teams. Aero Gear can specify and design everything from simple build-to-print gear applications to highly specialized gearbox assemblies. Our in-house expertise in all aerospace gearbox related disciplines is ready to support the entire life cycle from design studies, manufacturing readiness, production, and gearbox field support.


Engineering tools include:

  • CAD – Solidworks and NX
  • CAM – Esprit and Vericut
  • Gear Design – GearLab WindowsLDP
  • FEA – Ansys
  • Fluid Dynamics – Fluent and CFX
  • Bevel Gears – Gleason Software Suite

Engineering Development and Rapid Prototyping

Aero Gear’s teams of engineers, programmers, and machinists have the experience and expertise to develop robust processes to achieve the best quality from the very first development lots. Through rigorous continuous improvement activity processes are constantly being optimized to take advantage of new technologies and the latest capabilities.

Our flow concept is based on providing the best quality, shortest lead time and competitive cost through optimizing the production flow by eliminating waste. We pride ourselves on making data-driven decisions and rigorously applying the Plan-Do-Check-Act philosophy.

The Cutting Edge in Virtual Manufacturing

Our manufacturing methodology involves simulating as much of the process prior to cutting the first chip. Our engineers analyze data from fluid dynamics studies to optimize the heat treatment process, use FEA to predict stress and deflections in highly loaded tooling, and simulate entire machining operations to verify CAM programming accuracy and safety. This allows our team to understand and resolve any potential issues in a virtual environment, leading to higher quality product and more predictability when parts hit the shop floor.